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Atlanta Recap

I just returned from a long weekend away in Atlanta and cannot even tell you how badly I needed the break. While I did spend a lot of time antique shopping for a client at Scott Antique Market, I was able to spend quality time with fellow friends and bloggers that truly made this trip so memorable.  Just a little recap of images from my trip, some I have already shown on instagram, so bare with me.

Tiffany, who I spent some time with in NYC last year, picked me up from the airport and we bee lined straight to Bungalow Classic.  What a dream!  I wonder if they would mind if I moved right on in?!

We met up with Paula, from Two Ellie, that night and had the most amazing time having dinner at The Optimist. It was if we have known each other for years!  Paula is as warm and kind in person as she is on her blog.  Definitely a true life-long friend.

Love the ambience at The Optimist.  This is my kind of restaurant!

Not only was this a shopping weekend, it was a major foodie weekend.  Kicked off the trip with Savannah Beignets with bourbon praline pecans at The Optimist.  Who doesn't love piping hot dough with sugar?! Wish I was eating them right now.  So, amazing!

While we're on the subject of food and dessert for that matter, let me show you the chocolate soup from Sotto Sotto.  Yep, I could bathe in this stuff.  Warm, decadent chocolate with croutons and hazelnuts.  Honestly, where have you been all my life?  



My heart completely melted when Paula pulled out an envelope for me.  It was from her daughter Ellie.  The darling Ellie took the time to color a picture for me. Can you even believe it?  This is a gift I will always treasure and will find the perfect place to hang in my studio.  Thank you, Ellie, for the beautiful surprise.  I am in awe of your generous heart and talent.

Friday we were up early and headed over to Scott Antique Market.  I was in heaven and shopped til I dropped!  I knew it would be filled to the brim with amazing antiques, but I had NO idea how incredible it was.  Here are the fellow bloggers I had the honor of shopping with that day.  From left to right, Paula from Two Ellie, Donna from A Perfect Gray, Tiffany from Savor Home, and Sherry from Design Indulgence.  Love these ladies so much!  

I wasn't even at Scott's for 2 minutes and started handing over money.  I bought this painting for myself as a reminder of the great weekend.  Have already found the perfect spot for it in my kitchen.  Have I told you how much I love having art in a kitchen?  I have a long haul trucking company shipping the rest of the things to Seattle, so you'll have to wait and see the rest of my purchases then. Many items were bought for client's and wish I could personally keep every one of them.  I did show a few things in instagram, but that wasn't even half of it.

 Tiffany took me on a tour of Buckhead.  All I can say is, 'when can I move in'?  Gorgeous neighborhood with the most charming older homes.  This one really 'spoke' to me.

After our home tour, we stopped into Pieces and was so fun to see Lee's lovely store in person.  I purchased several great 'pieces' here for my own home.

Yep, we're back to food again, go figure.  No questions asked, the best breakfast can be found at Buttermilk Kitchen in Atlanta.  I am also craving this right now.  Buttery, flaky biscuit with the best fried chicken ever!  This trip was no detox diet by any means.

On my final full day, Tiffany and I decided to take a cake class at Sur la Table.  Seriously, the two of us need to go on a stand up comedy tour.  We laughed the entire time and loved every second of it.  We think we're funny anyway!  Trust me, we are. :)

In no time at all, it was back to the airport to head home.  See that brown paper package?  That's my new painting now displayed in my kitchen.  Deserved special carry on treatment.

Arrived back in Seattle to the most spectacular view of Mt. Rainier!  We got lucky with a clear sunny day and it hardly looked real.  Reminds me why I love living here this time of year.  Majestic beauty all around.


This trip was such a great reminder of why I need to get away for long weekends more often.  Thank you to Tiffany for hosting me and showing me around your incredible city.  You are such dear friend who I will treasure forever.  We are definitely kindred sprits and am so grateful and honored to have you as my friend. 


Catching Up

Just a few images as of late.  I know I haven't been a very good blogger lately, but will have to make it up to you with some recent instagram pics.  It's the best I can come up with right now.  At least it gives you a real glimpse as to what I've been up to lately.  I'm working on some amazing client projects that are so much fun and some are really stretching me to new levels as far as design elements.  Grateful for all of my amazing clients who trust me to work on and in their homes each and every day.

I recently brought on a summer intern and she is such a great fit.  Will soon do a post to introduce my team.  I thought this card was fitting and gave it to her on her first day.


I wear glasses while I'm on the computer and just ordered these from Warby Parker.  This style is the Crane in Whisky Tortoise. Love them.

Tile floor in a client's bathroom.  Can't wait to reveal this home when it's complete later in the year.

Ordered this brass whale clipboard on etsy and use it for outgoing mail in the studio. Makes me smile every time I walk out the door and see it hanging there.


And finally, I have always subscribed to this philosophy, especially back when I was first starting out in design. This was on a tee at Nordstrom. Great message, at least I think so. 

I think that gets us somewhat up to speed.  For many more images of what I'm up to on a daily basis, feel free to follow along on instagram @msimondesign.  It really is my preferred social media outlet and I typically post on it at least once a day, often times much more!


Classic + Calm

Classic + Calm = just the way I like things.  No surprises here!  Always in style, forever timeless, and comfortable interiors that put everyone at ease.  These are a few of my favorites as of late...




Oh, Steven

If you've been a long time reader here, you know how much I admire the talented Steven Gambrel.  I often reference his work for inspiration when I'm working on client projects and he never disappoints.  His style is always spot on in my book and one of these days, I'm just going to have to meet him in person!  Anyone know where to find him?!  At the end of January this year, Cole's Greenwich Village opened in the West Village and Mr. Gambrel knocked the design for this space way out of the park.  Have a look for yourself and I think you'll agree. I know where I'll be eating on my next trip to NYC!  Who wants to join me?





April Recap

Just a glimpse at some of my photos I took on instagram for the month of April.  I tend to spend more time on instagram than blogging these days, so if you'd like to follow along, you can find me @msimondesign.